2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Graduate School

The cohort program package price for the student will not increase during their program as long as the student remains in their cohort schedule. Payment plans are available through the Solution Center at 717-560-8254, or email Solution Center.

Program Cost Structure

Program Full Program
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling-PA 48 Credits
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling-MD 60 Credits
Master of Education, Consulting Resource Teacher 39 Credits Audit per Course
$21,580 $295
Master of Education in School Counseling 48 Credits Audit per Course
$26,560 $295

Student Fees

Fee Type Cost
Application Fee $40
Student Service Fee* $55 (per course, included in cohort fee)
Student Service Fee* $75 (per term if not in cohort)
Late Registration Fee $50
Readmission Fee $25
Account Service Fee $125 (one-time fee applied to any unpaid balance over $500 each term)
Monthly Service Fee $40 (applied to any balance over $100)
Return Check Fee $40
Schedule Change (add/drop) $15
Transcript Fee $8
Capstone Fees
 Bible Entrance Exam Fee $20
Library Binding Fee $30
Microfilm Fee $25
Project Fees
Personal Copy Binding Fee (optional) $25
 CPS501 Orientation to Counseling & Psychology $55
 CPS525 Counseling & Psychological Assessment Techniques I $60
 CPS551 Counseling & Psychological Assessment Techniques II $90
 MHC551 Counseling & Psychological Assessment Techniques II


 PSC523 Leadership & Advocacy $50
 PSC601 Prof. Srv I in School CNS $50
 PSC602 Prof School CNS Internship $50

*Student Service Fee includes access to Library, Computer Lab, as well as parking on campus. Fee does apply to non-cohort programs.

Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School reserves the right to make adjustments in fees and tuition costs. Current information is contained in the semester registration materials.