2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Payment Policies

Payment of Bill

Students are billed for tuition, board, room, and other semester expenses at the beginning of the semester and may arrange to pay their accounts in one of the following ways:

Plan 1 - Pay your account in full by the due date for each semester, i.e. August 5 for fall semester and January 5 for spring semester. Your statement includes total semester charges minus confirmed financial aid.

Plan 2 - You may set up a payment plan (to pay in full or monthly) using your bank account (savings or checking) or credit card with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS). Enrollment and service fees may apply. Visit the Student Portal and review the information under Statement and Billing Information.  Before you begin, you will need to collect the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID Number found below the date on your statement
  • Balance due found on your statement.
  • Your financial information (Credit Card or Bank Account).
    • Returning users should use the same login from previous semesters.
    • New users should follow the prompts to sign up.
  • Balance must be paid in full before beginning a new term. Still have questions? Visit the student portal for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Students not enrolled in an approved payment plan will be assessed an account service fee of $150 each semester as well as a monthly fee of $50 for any balance over $100.

Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all accounts are paid in full. Students owing money may not register for a new semester without clearance from the Business Office.

College Withdrawal and Refunds

Tuition Refunds* for withdrawal from school.

During 1st week of classes – 100%

During 2nd week of classes – 80%

During 3rd week of classes – 60%

During 4th week of classes – 40%

During 5th week of classes – 25%

No refunds after 5th week of classes


* Tuition only, fees are non-refundable

* There are no tuition refunds if a student makes changes to one or more classes after the    add/drop period ends and remains an active student.


Room & Board Refunds* for withdrawal from school. 

During 1st week of classes 90%

During 2nd & 3rd weeks, 80%

During 4th & 5th week of classes 60%

During 6th, 7th & 8th week of classes – 40%

No refund after 8th week of classes


*There are no room and board refunds if a student moves off campus after the add/drop period ends, but remains an active student.



Traditional Undergrad – 6 week online summer class


% of class completed Refund*                      # of calendar days completed

0-10% of the course                100% Refund                           Day 1 – Day 4

11%-20%                                 90% Refund                             Day 5 – Day 8

21% - 30%                               75% Refund                             Day 9 – Day 13

31-40%                                    50% Refund                             Day 14- Day 17

41%-50%                                 25% Refund                             Day 18 –Day 21

51%-100%                               No refund                                Day 22 –Day 42

Audit                                        No refund                                All days


* Tuition only, fees are non-refundable

Course Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a course during the first nine weeks of the semester. No financial adjustments will be made. Students can obtain course withdrawal forms from the Solution Center. Students must continue to attend class until they return the completed course withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office. Students who withdraw will receive a grade of W, not affecting their GPA. Course withdrawals may affect financial aid.