2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy

Occasionally, circumstances make it necessary for a student take time off from continuous term-to-term enrollment. Students should discuss all plans for non-continuous enrollment with their academic and financial aid advisors to determine how a leave would affect their time to graduation and Financial Aid processing.*

If a student plans to take time off for one semester, a Planned Return Form must be completed and submitted to the assigned Academic Advisor and Registrar for approval. By signing the Planned Return Form, the student communicates to Lancaster Bible College the reason for the leave and commits to a planned return date. Failure to either submit a Planned Return Form prior to a missed term or failure to return to classes in the following term will result in automatic withdrawal.

While on an approved leave the student's status will be considered a Planned Return and his or her credentials will be kept active for access to email, Canvas, and MyLBC.

A Planned Return absence may not exceed one semester. Absences greater than one semester will be considered a program withdrawal and the student will be subject to all withdrawal policies. The student would be required to apply for readmission to return to LBC.

*For Financial Aid purposes, students on a Leave of Absence/Planned Return will be considered not enrolled and be subject to all Financial Aid rules and policies for non-enrollment.