2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Music, Worship & Performing Arts


The Music, Worship and Performing Arts (MWPA) programs provide professional education for those qualified students who are pursuing artistic careers in the church or broader culture. Preparation in the professional arts as well as a thorough knowledge of God's Word enables the student to serve in an artistic leadership capacity. The students will apply their academic training in practical ways through education, ministry leadership and performance opportunities. 


Department Mission

The Music, Worship and Performing Arts Department exists to honor God by developing highly skilled artists to influence culture with grace and truth.  


Core Outcomes

Technical Skill: Students will demonstrate basic musicianship skills in sight-singing, dictation, conducting, voice and piano.

Faith Integration: Students will describe and demonstrate the integration of a Biblical worldview in the life and career of an artist.

Synthesis: Students will apply historical and theoretical understanding to the analysis, performance, and creation of musical forms, processes, and structures found in representative examples from the western music tradition.


In addition, each program has specific outcomes aligned to the specific requirements of the individual program.  


Department Admission and Retention

Auditioning Students

Every student who applies to any major in the MWPA department must audition for acceptance into the MWPA major of their interest and must also be accepted as a student to Lancaster Bible College.

Audition Information: The audition is conducted to confirm program and course of study.  Auditions are held on scheduled Audition Days throughout the year. Registration closes 2 weeks prior to the scheduled Audition Day. The entire Audition Day is tailored to prospective students and includes many opportunities to learn more about the college and the Worship & Performing Arts department.  Applicants will be required to take a Music Theory Assessment. This is used to determine placement in music theory courses. The audition will also determine department scholarship awards. Audition Days are the best opportunity to be awarded scholarships.  For more information regarding auditions, including what to prepare for auditions, please see Audition Information for MWPA Students.


Continuation in MWPA Programs

Upon completion of 42 credits and/or during the second semester Sophomore year, the MWPA Faculty will vote on the student’s formal acceptance into the specific program leading toward graduation.


The criteria for formal acceptance:

  • Acceptance of formal application to the program (see attached form, or online)
  • Satisfactory evaluation of jury performance (2 semesters)
  • Cummulative GPA of 2.0 (C average) including passing grades in required basic Arts & Science and Bible courses.
  • Professional GPA of 2.7 (B- average)
  • Applied GPA of 3.0 (B average)
  • Attendance at required departmental events
  • Participation in and attendance at departmental performance events


For freshmen, if applied GPA is between 2.0-3.0 and/or professional GPA is between 2.0-2.7, student will be on departmental probation for sophomore year.


For sophomores, if applied GPA is between 2.0-3.0 and/or professional GPA is between 2.0-2.7, student will meet with department chair to determine continued action plan.


If applied and/or professional GPA is below 2.0, students will be asked to find another major.

To maintain a MWPA scholarship, students must meet the standard criteria for department acceptance:

  • Professional GPA – 2.7 (B- average)
  • Applied  Area – 3.0 (B average)
  • Cumulative GPA – 2.5 (C average)
  • Jury Evaluation


Field Experiences

Students in MWPA programs* complete two internships and one practicum during the course of their program.  These experiences encourage students to get outside of the LBC community and engage with professionals in their field.  Students may find placements in churches, community theaters, or performing arts organizations.  Students challenge their entrepreneurship and leadership as they interact with their field.  These field experiences often open doors for paid positions and roles after graduation.  

*Music Education students complete field experiences prescribed by the Education Certification Office of LBC.  These experiences are outlined on the Education Department page.


Ensemble Opportunities

The MPWA department provides the opportunity for ensemble participation for any undergraduate or graduate student. Choral, instrumental, and commercial/contemporary ensembles are formed primarily with student members and coached and supplemented with professors and staff.  Ensemble participation is granted by audition with the director.  Auditions are held during the first week of classes of any given semester.  



The MWPA department houses the following programs: