2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Counseling & Social Work

The Department of Counseling & Social Work is designed to encourage students to understand, evaluate, and practice counseling and social work theory and methods from a biblical perspective.

Students who graduate from the department are able to give clinical care in many venues of service depending on the student's major of preparation and including both secular and Christian practice, crisis counseling centers, foster care agencies, wraparound agencies, hot-line services, rescue missions, psychiatric care units, social welfare agencies, parachurch organizations, prisons and detention centers, and senior care centers.

Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Counseling & Social Work is to educate the whole person from a biblical worldview in knowledge of theory and practice-synthesizing learning into direct practice.

Department Objectives

Students will:

  1. Synthesize scientific research and literature that applies and relates to future professional work.
  2. Integrate academic learning and interpersonal therapeutic skills through engagement in practical field settings.
  3. Critically evaluate standard theories and methods from a biblical perspective.
  4. Appropriately apply ethical principles to direct service.
  5. Assess personal assets and liabilities for professional work to maximize effectiveness.
  6. Acquire knowledge and ability to assess clients to establish appropriate treatment goals and methodology.

Licensure & Certification

Successful completion of the Professional School Counseling program provides opportunity for certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as an Educational Specialist in School Counseling for both Elementary (K-6) and Secondary (7-12) levels.

Both graduate programs in professional counseling and school counseling prepare students for licensure in Pennsylvania as a licensed professional counselor with additional requirements needed.