2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Communication & Media Arts

The Communication & Media Arts Department is built on a firm foundation of media ethics and creative practices, students will utilize their biblical training to  develop a strong biblical worldview equipping them to represent Christ well while pursuing excellence in their field. Get hands-on training with experienced professionals to prepare for careers in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, show production, video production, and graphic design.

Department Mission

The Communication & Media Arts Department exists to develop creative, highly-skilled communication and media professionals who will influence culture and the Church from a relevant but biblical worldview.

Department Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Adopt communication and media arts industry standards as both a practitioner and leader, collaborating with peers and clients.
  2. Appropriately apply ethical principles and professional codes of ethics to the practice of communication and media arts.
  3. Participate in a communication and media arts career field to further develop skills, knowledge, and experiences.
  4. Cultivate a discipline for continued learning, both in refining existing skills as well as in expanding general knowledge base.
  5. Integrate a biblical worldview into the practice and evaluation of communication and media arts.


Admission to the Communication & Media Arts Department is available to all entering freshmen as they fulfill all the college admissions requirements.

Individuals transferring with some credits or a bachelor degree from an accredited institution must follow the standard admissions policies of the college and consult with a Communication & Media Arts academic advisor to develop a course of study.

Field Experience

Communication & Media Arts majors will be involved in experiences that take place outside the classroom. Students will take part in activities including LBC’s vibrant musical productions, student publications, student-run radio station, athletic media production, and video studio. Additionally, students will participate in off-campus internships, exposing them to key networking opportunities and allowing them to build their creative portfolios as they prepare for exciting Communication & Media Arts careers.


The Communication and Media Arts Department offers the following majors leading to specific degrees: