2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Church & Ministry Leadership

Cultivating Disciples. Crafting Leaders.

The Department of Church & Ministry Leadership represents a decisive strategy to train ministry leaders for the 21st century. Each of the eight specialized majors is designed to prepare men and women with a focused emphasis based upon the student's unique calling, spiritual giftedness, life purpose, and passion.

The department's name reflects our values. Our Savior's declaration in Matthew 16:18, "I will build my church," leaves little doubt about the primacy of the church in building the kingdom of God. Ministry is what occurs when the church gathers for worship and edification, and when the church departs to live and proclaim the gospel. The church also partners with many mission organizations to reach sub-cultures of our society. Leadership is influence! Lancaster Bible College is producing servant leaders for the church and mission organizations. By emphasizing godly character and developing leadership skills in field training, graduates are well-equipped to lead with integrity and confidence.

Intensive internships and practicums in each major accentuate our commitment to balance biblical truth with both classroom principles and practical experience. Students are mentored on campus by professors and off campus by ministry supervisors.

Department Vision

The Department of Church & Ministry Leadership is a learning community which seeks to cultivate disciples and craft leaders for an interconnected world.

Department Objectives

1. Biblical Philosophy of Ministry

The student will formulate a philosophy of ministry that is biblically-grounded, spiritually formative, and rooted in the global mission of God.

2. Spiritual Health and Leadership Integrity

The student will integrate healthy spiritual formation and leadership practices for the purpose of developing spiritual, emotional, and physical health in both their personal and professional lives.

3. Globally Minded and Innovative Partnering

The student will exhibit an understanding of partnership in our global, digital world and collaboration in the advancement of God's mission at local, regional and global levels.

4. Integrated and Reflective Practitioners

The student will engage in ongoing research, innovative thinking, and integration of truth from multiple disciplines within society for the benefit of the local and global church.

5. Leadership, Team, and Influence

The student will inculcate an understanding and praxis of servant leadership, team dynamics, self-awareness, and the dynamics of influence and power.

6. Communication and Professional Skills

The student will demonstrate effective communication and professional skills which are biblically grounded, culturally sensitive, and useful for holistic influence within our digital and global world.


Some Church & Ministry Leadership programs are available with specialized concentrations and/or the option to earn both a Bachelor's and Master of Arts in Ministry in five years.  See individual programs for more information: