2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Bible & Theology

The purpose of the Department of Bible & Theology is to equip Christian men and women for life and ministry through the instruction of the Bible, theology, and proper hermeneutics.

To accomplish this purpose, the department prepares students to know the Bible through a course on the science of Bible study (hermeneutics), and four required Bible survey courses. Students also take two exegetical electives that allow them to practice and demonstrate competency in the principles learned in their hermeneutics course, one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.

Exegetical electives are designed to provide guided practice in the exegesis of specific books, while at the same time providing a basic understanding of the content of these books. They will provide students with the experience of moving from text to theological conclusions. These courses will be synchronized with appropriate theology core courses (Christian Narrative 1, Christian Narrative 2, and Christianity and Culture) that are being taught at the same time. Emphasis will be placed on skill development in the areas of observation, interpretation, theological integration, and modern contextualization.

In theology, students complete a sequence of four courses that give them an overview of the Bible's teaching on the major areas of Christian doctrine as they are revealed through the overall narrative of Scripture and the development of the church's understanding of these doctrines throughout its history, as well as equip them to bring their biblical and theological thinking to bear on ministry challenges and opportunities facing them in the present day.

Additionally, students take nine credits of program-focused electives (Note: students in the Music, Worship & Performing Arts or the Education programs are not required to take the program-focused electives). Focused electives are designed to help learners to think biblically about the study of specific aspects of their desired vocation. Along with practicing skills in biblical exegesis and theological inquiry, students will learn how to reason biblically and theologically within their vocational disciplines.

Focused electives are developed by the Bible & Theology department in collaboration with other academic departments. Examples of focused electives include, "Biblical Theology of Suffering," "Biblical Theology of Finance & Wealth," "Theology of Worship," and "Theology of Media and Technology.".

Every student majors in Bible at LBC. Because of that, each student needs to have the best tools available to study God's Word. While not required, the purchase of the Logos Bible Software is encouraged as an aid to required research in the Bible & Theology courses. Logos provides an efficient, time-saving alternative to traditional library-based methods of study. Additional cost savings are recognized through the inclusion of required textbooks in the digital library within Logos. Students interested in purchasing the software can contact the chair of the Bible & Theology department for assistance.

Department Objectives:

Students will:

  1. Articulate a basic knowledge of Scripture and theology.
  2. Apply a valid hermeneutical method of research skills in biblical interpretation.
  3. Demonstrate an exegetically sound, biblically informed, historically and culturally sensitive theological method.
  4. Appraise differing biblical, theological, cultural, and historical views.
  5. Formulate a biblical worldview demonstrated in life and ministry.
  6. Exhibit sensitivity to the global community in biblical and theological dialogue.
  7. Display a commitment to grow scripturally and theologically.