2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Required Core for Arts & Sciences

Core Courses

All students attaining a bachelor's degree must take the following required and elective courses, as mandated by the LBC curriculum.

Foundations in Speaking, Reading and Writing (6 credits)

LAN 101College Composition and Research


LAN 104Public Speaking


Creative Expression (3 credits)

Students must choose from a list of 100/200 level LIT courses.

Historical Perspectives on Western Culture and Civilization (3 credits)

Students must choose from a list of 100/200 level HIS courses.

The Scientific Enterprise (3 credits)

Students must choose from a list of 100/200 level SCI courses.

Studies in Mathematics (3 credits)

Students must choose a core math option.

Structures of Human Culture (3 credits)

Students need to choose one of the following courses and should consider their 300/400 level course goals and prerequisite(s) required when doing so.

HUM 302Media: Conveyor of Cultural Ideas


PHI 201Introduction to Philosophy


POL 202Intro. to American Government


SOC 101General Psychology


SOC 203Principles of Sociology


Advanced Studies (6 credits)

300 level course


400 level course


Electives (9 credits)

TOTAL Required Core (36 credits)

Writing Intensive Course

One of the courses taken in Arts & Sciences must be a writing intensive course. After completing LAN 101, and to put into practice the skills learned in that course, students will take a course designated as writing intensive. This course will serve as part of the students' curriculum (e.g., HIS, LIT, LAN, elective, or other). The content of a course remains largely the same whether the course is a traditional offering of the course or a writing intensive offering. The distinctions between a traditional offering and a writing intensive offering are the types of assignments, the amount and weight of attention given to student writing, and the size at which the class is capped. (Note - Students will receive credit for LAN 101 with a minimum score of 650 on the SAT critical reading section or a minimum score of 27 on the ACT English test. Students who earn a C+, C, or C- in English Composition will be required to take LAN 305 to fulfill their Writing Intensive requirements and prior to taking any additional Writing Intensive courses.)