GPC 603 Counseling Internship II

As the last of three entry-level professional practice courses, Internship II continues to provide a supervised clinical experience, relevant to Clinical Mental Health Counseling, through which students continue to: apply theory to practice; move toward mastery of counseling skills; gain confidence with professional activities and resources. Supervised clinical work, audio/video recordings, individual supervision, and peer feedback support learning as students work with clients from their community. A supervised seminar, emphasizing the integration of professional knowledge and development of self-awareness, underpins this field-based experience. The Internship field-based experience totals 600 clock hours (including at least 240 clock hours of direct service) over two semesters. A maximum of 400 hours may be credited during this course. A grade of B or higher is required to complete this course. Course Prerequisite(s) - GPC 602, GPA > 3.0, and Advisor approval




( GPC601 OR GPC601N OR GPC602 OR GPC602N )