2020-2021 Accelerated Undergraduate Student Handbook

Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility – Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students with financial aid must meet satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain financial aid eligibility. Students may be able to reestablish their financial aid eligibility if they became ineligible. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the complete policy on satisfactory academic progress at financialaid@lbc.edu.

The Veterans Administration will be notified if a student receiving VA benefits does not meet the academic progress requirements after serving a probationary period of two terms.

In order to maintain financial aid eligibility for the federal financial aid programs, as well as institutional aid, a student must meet the following requirements of satisfactory academic progress: 

Qualitative Requirement: Grade Point Average

Credits Passed Cumulative GPA
12 1.5
24 1.5
48 1.5
60-89 1.75
90 1.9
129 1.9

* A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation at all levels.

Students are reminded to review specific program requirements with their academic adviser or as stated in the department handbooks.

Quantitative Requirement

Undergraduate students must successfully complete a minimum of 67 percent of the credit hours attempted each academic year.