2020-2021 Capital Seminary & Graduate School Handbook

Ally Center

At the Ally Center, your academic goals are our focus. We are LBC | Capital’s hub for academic services, resources, and accessibility. Whether you are looking to finalize paper, review citations, or seek accommodations for a disability, the Ally Center is here to help you excel academically. To schedule a session with us, or to utilize our premier resources, visit lbc.edu/ally. Services you will find at the Ally Center include:

Writing Services consist of one-on-one appointments with professional or peer personnel. In these appointments, priority is given to critical thinking, thesis, citations, argument, and structure for specific writing assignments. Students may have up to three one-hour writing services appointments per week. Appointments are available for 30 or 60 minutes on-campus and online. Key writing resources are available on our website.

The Ally Center’s Writing Services do not include asynchronous proofreading/editing services, nor do they guarantee assistance with grammar/syntax. CSGS students desiring asynchronous editing services must individually contract with a third-party editor, for which the student may incur separate expenses. Students may visit lbc.edu/ally for a list of recommended editors.

*Some of the Ally Center’s writing consultants have independent editing services on the recommended list. Such consultants abide by the aforementioned parameters when providing Ally Center Writing Services and will not provide asynchronous editing services without a separate individual contract with the student, for which the student may incur additional expenses. Such contracts are not included in Ally Center Writing Services for any student and do not abide by Ally Center policies and procedures. For clarification regarding Ally Center Writing Services, please contact allycenter@lbc.edu.

The Disability Services Office (DSO) provides accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure access to all programs, facilities, and activities of Capital Seminary & Graduate School, based on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and their amendments. Accommodations are made on an individual, case-by-case basis, based on an interactive process and documentation submitted to the Disability Services Coordinator. Students with disabilities are encouraged to submit their documentation and to schedule an appointment as soon as possible prior to the start of any session so that accommodations can be arranged before the start of the session. Typical accommodations may include extended time for exams, a note-taker for class lectures, textbooks in audio e-text format, and a scribe and/or reader for exams. The DSO is open 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, with flexible hours dependent upon student availability, year-round. To schedule an appointment, call 717.560.8200 ext. 5383, email dso@lbc.edu Further information, including disclosure and intake forms, can be found on the Ally Center website.