2020-2021 Accelerated Undergraduate Catalog

The Faculty and the Student

The faculty instructs students not only through their teaching but also through their lives. Professors recognize they are disciples themselves and thus desire to disciple their students to know, be, and do what God requires of them. Professors seek to model what they teach in all areas of life and thus are continually growing in knowledge, character, and skill. The Holy Spirit is also at work in the lives of regenerated faculty and students, adding a uniquely supernatural dynamic to our educational task.

Professors do not just teach subjects; they teach students. They understand that the students are unique, each created in the image of God to display his glory and to fulfill his plan. Since students are multi-dimensional, professors seek to instruct them in all areas of life including the spiritual, cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor domains.

Hence instruction takes into account the differences in the students' learning styles, personalities, and abilities. Both teaching and assessment methods are varied to fit the subject matter and the differing nature of the students. Within the bounds of Christian propriety, instructors have the freedom to use methods that will accomplish maximum learning on the part of the students.

Professors are not the sole providers of instruction. Students bring with them experiences and knowledge that are tapped to enrich the learning experience by the instructor, who builds on these to advance students in understanding, character, and ability.