2020-2021 Accelerated Undergraduate Catalog

THE 305 Theology of Disability

Approximately 10% of the world’s population live with a disability, so students preparing for ministry in many fields will encounter people with physical and mental disabilities, and will need to understand the context and challenges facing disabled people, as well as their potential. While the church has historically marginalized the disabled, the 650 million-member disability community is one of the largest unchurched groups on earth. Besides needing the church’s witness, the disability community also has much to teach Christians about redemption, spiritual formation, and hope. This course will develop a definition of disability, explore issues of identity and social isolation that affect the disabled, consider the spiritual needs and potentials of people with varying disabilities, and examine biblical and theological resources for understanding disability in order to equip students with a robust theology of disability. In addition, students will consider how the church can embrace its obligation to minister to those who are disabled, and how to fully welcome disabled Christians into the fellowship and ministry of the church. This course will benefit any student who takes it, but will be especially useful for those pursuing careers in church ministry, education, social work, counseling, and inter-cultural studies. 3 credits. Prerequisites: THE 105 & BIB 105




THE 105 AND BIB 105