2020-2021 Accelerated Undergraduate Catalog

HSV 101 Engaging Faith: Foundations of Calling

In this course, students explore their personal calling’ to the helping field, and examine the foundational assumptions of their worldview as a Christian Human Service worker. Students are required to complete self-assessments and abstracts that build on current APA writing skills. This course explores the theology of the gift of helps and calling to service. It is designed to give the Christian human service worker a personal biblical framework in which to integrate faith and practice. Students will solidify the spiritual foundation for a human service professionals’ life purpose, walk, and calling to ‘helping’. Students are required to develop a planning, assessing and documenting tool for lifelong learning and professional presentation via a professional portfolio. The portfolio is integral for students having to take a capstone course, as well as to the practicum/internship process. Finally, this course acts as an introduction the human service major. Prerequisites: SOC 101, SOC 203, SOC 226, LAN 305 PHI 307.