2020-2021 Accelerated Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Probation

Bachelor's degree students with a cumulative grade point average below 2.00 at the end of any semester will be placed on academic probation and limited to 15 credits. Students on academic probation who have between the following GPA and 2.00 may participate in only one co-curricular activity at any one time:

Freshman (up to 29 hours) 1.70 GPA

Sophomore (30-59 hours) 1.80 GPA

Junior (60-89 hours) 1.90 GPA

Senior (90 or more hours) 2.00 GPA

Minimum GPAs for Associate's degree students:

25% of degree completed = 1.70 GPA

26% to 49% of degree completed =1.80 GPA

50% to 74% of degree completed =1.90 GPA

75% or more of degree completed =2.0 GPA

Students below these minimum GPAs may not participate in any co-curricular activities exceeding the credit limit. All probationary students must attend two weekly appointments with a tutor through Academic Mentoring Services (located in the Ally Center), the college’s academic support program. In addition, they must attend two weekly study hours. Study hours are offered throughout the day as well as in the evening. Hours are chosen at the student’s convenience. The specific schedule for AMS is posted on the Ally Center’s scheduling website at the beginning of each semester. The Veterans Administration will be notified if a student receiving VA benefits does not meet the academic progress requirements after serving a probationary period of two semesters. Probation students who miss 20% or more of their required tutoring appointments or study hours in the Ally Center during any one term will receive notification of academic dismissal at the end of that term, with the right to appeal.