2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

External Study and Cross-Cultural Experiences

Each student is required to have a cross-cultural experience sometime during their studies at LBC. Students should confirm with their advisors as to whether one of the following available options will fulfill their major's cross-cultural requirement. It should be noted that each of the programs below has its own enrollment procedures and policies, so see the Registrar for information before applying.

Semester Abroad

Lancaster Bible College has entered into agreements with several, recognized institutions overseas, giving students opportunities to earn credits in a cross-cultural setting, including:

  • Jerusalem University College (Israel)
  • Pan African Christian Exchange (Kenya)
  • Saints Bible Institute (Italy)

For each of these programs, students remain enrolled at LBC. This allows for them to remain eligible for financial aid, other than LBC's in-house scholarships. Students should work closely with their advisors and the Registrar's Office to ensure that credits earned will fit into their programs. Additional information is available at each program's website and from the Registrar's Office.


Each year the College offers several international study tours with the option of obtaining college credit under our TraveLearn program. In recent years, tours have gone to Israel, Guyana, and Turkey. These tours are available for degree and non-degree students. More information is available from the Registrar's Office.


Students are required to complete a three credit senior practicum as part of their professional program. There are numerous opportunities in the United States and around the world to fulfill this requirement. Intercultural studies majors are especially encouraged to complete their practicum in an international setting. Student teaching for education majors is also possible in a cross-cultural situation. Students arrange these opportunities with their advisors.

Cross-Cultural Study Program

Occasionally students may be approved to spend a semester or year abroad in a missions environment and, through special arrangements, continue their LBC education through an independent study program. Students need to work closely with their advisors to apply and be approved for this format of study.

Journey Teams

Each year the Intercultural Studies major plans 10 to 12 Journey Team trips to various regions of the world. These are available to LBC students, employees, and selected high school students. These trips do not carry college credit. A schedule is available from the Department of Church & Ministry Leadership.