2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Residence Life

Here at Lancaster Bible College, we truly believe living on campus creates a learning environment to assist your growth in all areas as a student. We hope living in community creates an opportunity for you to explore more about who you are as an individual and how your unique qualities lend you to serve the needs of others. Living on campus can be challenging, fun, and convenient but it can also be one of the most transformative experiences of your college life. We hope living on campus creates an environment for you to learn and grow as an individual as you are learning and growing inside the classroom.

Lancaster Bible College has a three-year residency requirement. All single undergraduate students carrying 12 or more hours and not living with parents or relatives are expected to reside on campus in the residence halls. In order to live in the residence hall, you must maintain full-time student status. Part-time students who wish to live in the residence hall may submit their request via email to residencelife@lbc.edu. Fourth and fifth year seniors are not required to live on campus in the residence halls. Students over the age of 25 are not required to live on campus. Requests for exceptions to the residency requirement must be submitted to the Director of Residence Life during housing selection. See below for the off-campus housing policy.

Before a student can live off-campus, he/she must submit an Off-Campus Living Approval Request Form online. A lease does not affect the status of an off-campus approval request. Returning students who are requesting approval to live off campus must fill out the above approval form by the end of housing selection in the spring, at the date advertised by Residence Life.  New students who are seeking approval to live off campus should fill out the approval form before August 15th. Late enrollment students (after August 15th) who would like housing should talk to the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible. 

To live off campus, a student must meet one of the following minimum criteria prior to the beginning of the semester:

  • Fourth or fifth year senior
  • 22 years of age
  • Obtained at least 90 credit hours
  • Living with a parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile radius
  • Married and living with spouse

If a student does not meet these requirements, the student may make a formal request to the Director of Residence Life or the Coordinator of Disability Services to seek off campus housing for health reasons.