2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Business Administration

The purpose of the Business Administration Department is to equip men and women with the skills necessary to succeed in life and ministry. No matter what ministry you are called to enter, be it working within the church or a business, we teach you the skills needed to be successful. To accomplish this, we offer a unique experience with experienced and successful business professionals in the classrooms who integrate their “real world” experiences into the material. Our professors discuss their success and failures so you can learn from both.

Classes are conducted as a business meeting and are kept small and casual. We couple this with a true “Open door” philosophy so that students are provided with personal attention and guidance during their time at LBC. Biblical principles are included in all classes to ensure that students have the most important attributes that all organizations are looking for in graduates: honesty, integrity and the ability to work well with others.

Through the Business Administration Programs, you will receive a blend of both Bible and business classes, equipping you spiritually and academically. This involves many opportunities including:

  • Working one on one with a Leadership Systems professional to assess your aptitudes and interests to help you decide what profession is a good fit.
  • Go on an overseas cross cultural trip that will allow you to investigate how business principles are used in various cultures.
  • Have the opportunity to experience a real work environment through as many as 3 different internships
  • Be matched up with a local Christian business professional to mentor you through your college experience and help you find a job.
  • Have the opportunity to run a real business. Business Administration students run and manage the cafes on campus.
  • Have an opportunity to join the Student Business Collective and have a voice in bringing in outside speakers and coordinating activities for the entire department.
  • Be recognized for excellent scholastic achievement by joining Sigma Beta Delta, a national honorary society.
  • Work with a seasoned executive to put together a resume that works!

Department Objectives

1. Prioritization

Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of prioritization related to spiritual aspects of life, relational interactions and their service to the church and the world. Specific skills developed will be time management, goal setting, resource allocation, vision, organization, drive and critical thinking.

2. Communication

Students will analyze and express information and ideas in a variety of appropriate means with clarity and coherence in written and spoken forms.

3. Knowledge

Students will master the key sub-disciplines within the business realm. Specific skills developed will be subject matter expertise, applying knowledge to everyday life, decision-making, problem solving and confidence in decisions.

4. Servanthood

Students will analyze their role in the world and work, modeling Jesus Christ’s example as their model of leadership. Specific skills developed will be driven-ness, working with excellence, flexibility, self-motivation, and ethical actions.

5. Interpersonal Skills

Students will demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence in both personal and business relationships. Some of the basic features of emotional intelligence include delegation, collaboration, motivation and candor.

6. Stewardship

Students will apply the concept of maximizing God’s gifts in our lives. Areas of emphasis will be identifying and developing gifts and talents and balancing resources.