2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

What Shapes Our Community

Here to Help

Being part of a community means that no one walks alone. We understand that each student who attends LBC comes from different backgrounds and has different needs. We aim to provide various services to help students along their academic and spiritual journey. The Office of Student Affairs (located in The Student Center) seeks to provide deliberate care to students through investment as well as helping them discover and use the resources and services that are available to them through different departments on our campus. Some of these services include the Ally Center that offers personalized academic attention and C3@LBC that offers career & counseling services.

Community Doesn’t Take Vacation

While we recognize that the college’s community standards are applicable only while an individual is enrolled in classes, we believe God expects, as does LBC, a consistent care to students through investment as well as helping them discover and use the high standard of living for His people. This extends to summers, vacations, breaks and throughout one’s lifetime. It is our desire that positive internal attitudes and wholesome external behaviors will be developed that would extend beyond the classes and campus of LBC.

Students studying abroad, taking summer courses, winterim courses or Travel earn trips, Journey Team trips, college-sponsored trips, student workers, and campus residents are expected to conform to all standards within The LBC Journey at all times. During the summer vacation period and between semesters, all LBC students are expected to conform to a high lifestyle standard so as to maintain a good testimony for the Lord and the college. We are commanded to pursue holiness in every aspect of our lives and in every location, even when we are “on break.”

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable . . .” (I Cor. 6:12, 19-20). The practical application is that when you set certain boundaries away from school, it is difficult to discontinue them when you return to school. Therefore, although we do not supervise your lifestyle during these periods, any failure to observe the laws of the land and the absolutes of Scripture, particularly in the moral area, would be considered serious and may result in disciplinary action or could jeopardize a student’s standing in the college.