2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

Respect for One Another

The community at LBC is one of mutual respect. The principles of truthfulness, love for others, giving only a good report and communicating for edification are essential to obedience to Christ.

There should be a respect for authority and the position of faculty and staff, evidenced in such things as the proper use of titles (President, Associate Dean, Professor, Dr., Mrs., Mr., Miss, and others), courteous attention in class and chapel, and seeking to resolve any conflict with the right person. Respect is shown in the classroom and chapel by arriving promptly, giving thoughtful attention during the time of meeting, and engaging in material and discussions.

In addition, there should be respect for one another, seeking to show genuine care and concern for fellow students, staff, and faculty. We seek to be respectful in our conversations to and about others, the way we use the property of others (including college property), and not entering a room or office of another individual without permission. As a community, our respect for one another is evidenced in the way we are courteous to every individual, encourage each other, seek to place the needs of others above our own.

Thought should also be given to the way in which respect is communicated through social media. Social media has become a form of communication that allows a user to hide behind their comments while giving a false sense that they are not responsible for the consequences of those comments. Vague posts about disagreements you’ve had with other individuals, complaints about a situation you’ve not tried to resolve with another party, or calling into question the competencies or character of other students, staff, or faculty through any avenue of social media is a lack of respect.