2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook


Chapels are the one place and time where the entire LBC community can gather to encourage one another and receive instruction and challenge from the Word of God.  As such, chapel is at the core of Lancaster Bible College’s effort to encourage spiritual growth in the life of every student. Chapel seeks to accomplish four purposes:

  • To spiritually strengthen the LBC student body, faculty, and staff through the teaching of God’s Word
  • To invigorate the body of Christ at LBC through opportunities for authentic, passionate worship
  • To broaden the worldview of the LBC community
  • To encourage biblical body life among the LBC community

All students are expected to read and understand the policy and their attendance requirement. If you have questions, visit the Office of Student Affairs in The Student Center.


Chapel Attendance Policy


Chapel Attendance Requirements:

  • FT (Full-time) Traditional Undergraduate Residents must attend at least 34 chapels each semester.
  • FT Traditional Undergraduate Commuting Students must attend at least 20 chapels per semester.
  • Accelerated, Graduate, JumpStart, and Part-time Students (<12 credits) are not required to attend chapel. Please note: Student gatherings, such as chapel, are valued by the college for a variety of reasons and are considered a required part of the overall academic experience at LBC.

    ID Cards:

    Official LBC issued student ID cards are the only way to log chapel attendance. Students without an ID card will not be counted present for chapel.

    Special Circumstances:

  • Full-time work, internships, and practicums need to be scheduled in accordance with the aforementioned attendance requirements.
  • Student teachers will be fully exempt from chapel attendance.
  • Students with special circumstances may request a reduction in required attendance, subject to approval by the Office of Student Affairs. Requests for reduced attendance must be made in the first two weeks of the semester. After the first two weeks of the semester, students requesting attendance exceptions will need to fulfill their requirements through chapel sanctions, as listed below.

Excessive Skipping:

  • Traditional Undergraduate Students are required to attend a specific number of chapel gatherings per semester. Failure to meet this requirement will result in chapel sanctions. If a student misses his or her chapel attendance requirement by 3 or less, he or she will be required to sign a chapel contract for the following semester which will designate an increased number of required chapel gatherings to make up for missed attendance in the previous semester.
  • If a student misses his or her chapel attendance requirement by more than 3, he or she will be placed on chapel probation. Probationary status consists of the following:
    • A hold placed on the student’s account until chapel sanctions are satisfied or until released by the Office of Student Affairs. This may prevent him or her from registering for classes or housing selection in the following semester.
    • Chapel sanctions, which may include:
      • Watching recordings of missed chapels and providing written summaries for each missed chapel.
      • Attending pre-approved alternate events in place of missed chapels.
      • Pre-approved Christian service.
      • An increased number of required chapels for the following semester.
  • Because corporate worship is an integral component of our college culture, if chapel probation requirements are not sufficiently met, students will be placed on social probation (See LBC Disciplinary & Judicial Process) for the following semester. Students who do not meet social probation requirements will be considered for expulsion.