2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

Journey Spiritually

Spiritual development is contingent upon a person’s submitting to the Spirit so as to manifest character that reflects the person of Christ, who sanctifies, indwells, and empowers individuals to conduct themselves as the children of God.

LBC views church attendance as a crucial part of a student’s life and desires for each student to grow in fellowship with other believers. Students demonstrating a lack of consistency in church attendance will meet with a member of the Student Affairs team.

Students are encouraged to maintain a pattern of weekly rest, refocusing their attention on Jesus Christ and renewing themselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. This includes a campus-wide adjustment of the usual daily pace and schedule and an effort to encourage balanced, intentional involvement in worship, growth, and ministry.

Students are encouraged to maintain daily times for opportunities to commune with God through personal Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. God desires to have communion with his children and delights to hear from them in prayers of praise and petition. His Word speaks to us and acts as a guide for our daily living. Such worship adds affection to our academic encounters with the Scriptures.