2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

The tuition fee varies depending on academic load. Please see the LBC website for a current listing of tuition charges. Gifts from individuals and churches enable LBC to hold tuition to a minimum. Tuition is refundable only for complete withdrawal from LBC. See withdrawal/refund policy.

Students who began
Spring 2017 or prior
Students who began
Fall 2017 or Spring 2018
Students who began
Fall 2018 or spring 2019
Start Fall 2019 and later
1-11 hours, per credit hour $805 per credit hour $820 per credit hour $830 per credit hour $840 per credit hour
12-18 hours $12,360 per semester $12,525 per semester $12,695 per semester $12,745 per semester
19 hours & above, per credit hour $805 per credit hour $820 per credit hour $830 per credit hour $840 per credit hour
Winterim, per credit hour $805 - $265 per credit hour $820 - $270 per credit hour $830 - $275 per credit hour $840 - $280 per credit hour
Summer, per credit hour $805 - $265 per credit hour $820 - $270 per credit hour $830 - $275 per credit hour $840 - $280 per credit hour

Late Fees

All balances over $500 not paid in full or on a payment plan by the due date are subject to a one-time $125 Account Service Fee per semester.  A $40 Monthly Service Fee applies to any unpaid balance over $100. 

Application Fee

A $25 application fee is required of all applicants. This helps to cover the cost of screening the applicant and generating all required records. Nonrefundable.

Audit Fee

An audit fee is charged, in lieu of tuition, for students taking a course without receiving college credit. Auditors also need to pay the appropriate student service fee. See below for description.

Students who began Spring 2017 or prior - $145

Students who began Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 - $150

Students who began Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 - $150

Students who start Fall 2019 and later - $160

Dining Services


All residential students are required to have a meal plan. First year students are assigned the unlimited meal plan for the duration of their first year at Lancaster Bible College. Changes to the meal plan must be made by the last day of Add/Drop for each semester in the Office of Student Affairs. Additional Charger Bucks can be purchased through the Office of Student Affairs.

Meal Plan Description

Room and Meal Plan Price

Full Meal Plan: includes every meal served/week, $50 Charger bucks, one daily lunch exchange at Bennee’s Bistro

$4500-4550 per semester (range depends upon room selection)

220 Semester Block Plan: includes 220 meals to be used at any time in the semester, $50 Charger bucks, one daily lunch exchange at Bennee’s Bistro

$4500-4550 per semester (range depends upon room selection)

14 Meal Plan/Week: includes 14 meals/week used anytime within the week, $50 Charger bucks, one daily lunch exchange at Bennee’s Bistro

$4300-4350 per semester (range depends upon room selection)

175 Semester Block Plan: 175 meals to be used any time in the semester, $50 Charger bucks, one daily lunch exchange at Bennee’s Bistro

$4300-4350 per semester (range depends upon room selection)

35 Semester Block Commuter Plan

$265 per block

20 Semester Block Commuter Plan

$160 per block


Take-out meals are available through Aladdin Dining Services in the ODC. Students who wish to use take-out when they don’t have time for a sit-down meal must purchase a reusable, eco-friendly box from Aladdin for $7. After their initial purchase and use, students must return dirty containers and be given a clean one to take into the serving area, or else turn in dirty containers for a token that they can turn in for a new to-go box when needed. If box is lost, students must purchase a new one. Note: take-out boxes are for use for only one trip through the buffet with each swipe when students are not dining in.


As an open dining facility, students, staff and faculty are welcomed into the dining hall whether they plan to pay or use meal swipes or not. However, food, beverages, and utensils are only available to customers who have scanned or paid for meals.


No outside food or beverage containers may be brought into the service or beverage area, except for pre-purchased to-go food containers. Students should use the cups and mugs that we provide for beverages, as beverages and food items are only available for consumption in the ODC.


Students on meal plans may exchange one of their daily meals at lunch time only for either a Grab’n’Go item with chips or whole fruit and a bottle of water or can of soda; or for a rotating daily hot special (menu will be posted weekly on Dining Services website) with a bottle of water of can of soda.


Guests of students are welcome to eat in the ODC, but must purchase meals at the casual meal rate ($5.70 for breakfast, $8.25 for lunch, $8.75 for dinner). Meal swipes can only be used 1 per person per meal service, but if you wish to pay for your guests, you can use charger bucks to do so. Otherwise, guests may pay the cashier with cash or credit.

Food services are not normally provided during school and holiday breaks.

Course Fees

Certain individual courses have required fees, as delineated below:

Business Student $50
CML 320 Leadership Dynamics in Camping Ministry $100
COM330 Web Design $95
EDU 204 Instructional Design $15
EDU 335 Inclusionary Practices $15
EDU 450 Teacher Education Practicum $15
EDU 499 Student Teaching $15
ELE 201 Math Instruction for the Young Child $15
ELE 205 Integrating Play, Movement, and the Arts $15
ELE 352 Social Studies in Elementary School $15
ELE 354 Methods of Teaching Science $15
ELE 424 Literacy for the Young Child $15
ELE 426 Solving Literacy Difficulties $15
ELM 313 Teaching Math in Middle Grades $15
ELM 352 Social Studies in Elementary School $15
ELM 354 Methods of Teaching Science $15
ELM 426 Solving Literacy $15
ENS 101 Chorale $15
HIS 303 American Civil War $15
HPE 105 Intro to HPE Profession $50
HPE 160 Outdoor Education $85
HPE 170 Aquatics $85
HPE 200 Concepts of Major Sports $50
HPE 311 Teaching Elementary HPE $40
HPE 331 Adapted PE $25
HPE 411 Teaching Secondary HPE $40
HUM 206 Art $45
HUM 304 Studio Art $40
MAP - Music Lessons - Individual (MAP #, 12 lessons/semester) $500
MPR 499 Senior Recital $100
MUL - Music Lessons - Group (MUL 101, 102, 111, 112, & 121) $150
PCN 122 Group Experiences/Self Evaluation $150
PCN 304 Wilderness and Experiential Therapy $75
PCN 322 Group Leadership Skills $150
PHE 111 Soccer & Volleyball $25
PHE 115 Basketball & Softball $25
PHE 117 Flag Football & Basketball $25
PHE 119 Badminton & Ultimate Frisbee $25
PHE 121 Bowling & Tennis $50
PHE 123 Strength Training $30
PHE 125 Physical Fitness $35
PHE 127 Golf & Exercise Walking $35
PHE 129 Rhythmic Movement $25
PHE 135 Lawn Games $35
PHE 140 TaeKwonDo $35
POL  211 American Government $60
PRO 499 Senior Project $100
PSC 523 Leadership & Advocacy $50
PSC 601 Prof Srv I in School CNS $50
PSC 601 Prof School CNS Internship $50
SCI (all labs) $85
SCI 301 Kinesiology Lab $30
SCI 401 Exercise Physiology Lab $30
SPM 105 Intro to Sport Management $50
SPM 320 Organizational Leadership  $90
SPM 322 First Aid & Athletic Training $95
SPM 475 Facility/Event Management $50
SWK 102 Intro to Social Work $60
SWK 202 Social Work Policy $15
SWK 461 Field Service II $65
THR Ballet I, II, III, IV $100
THR Musical Theatre Styles $100
THR Jazz I, II, III, IV $100
THR 210 Stage Combat $100
THR 351 Tap $100
Thrive (Project Excel)  $900
WOR 499 Senior Project $100
WPA 101 Orientation $85
YMN 101  $25
YMN 301 $25

Credit on Account

A credit on account occurs when a student overpays or receives more financial aid than needed to cover the charges on this account. When the credit results from federal or state financial aid, the college is required by law to return the money to the student, unless the student authorizes the college, in writing, to hold the credit balance. The student may cancel the authorization to hold the money at any time or request a refund from the Solution Center of the credit on account.

Enrollment Deposit

Enrollment deposit (to be applied toward tuition and housing) $ 200

ETA Diploma Fee

The $25 ETA diploma (Evangelical Teacher Training Association Certificate) fee is assessed for those who graduate from the Department of Church & Ministry Leadership (must have at least 15 credits in Christian education). The fee covers the cost of enrolling in the program and issuing the diploma. Nonrefundable.

Late Registration Fee

A $150 late registration fee is assessed if the student does not register during the scheduled time unless special permission has been granted. Nonrefundable.

Music Fees

Music fees pay for individual instruction from the Music, Worship & Performing Arts Department faculty. These fees cover 12 private or group lessons each semester. There is no refund for individual lessons not taken.

Private Lessons: piano, organ, voice, and/or instrumental

12 lessons per semester $500*
Group Lessons: piano, 12 lessons per semester $150*

* Students taking 19+ credits who are required to take additional MAP courses will have additional fees waived.

New Student Fee

A $150 Orientation (Fall/Spring) Fee is assessed to all new and transfer students to cover the cost of the orientation program. Nonrefundable.

Overdrawn Check Fee

A $40 Overdrawn Check Fee will be assessed for each check or automatic payment returned for insufficient funds. Nonrefundable.

Readmission Fee

A $15 Readmission Fee is required of all students who enroll after not attending the previous semester. It covers the administrative cost of reinstatement. Nonrefundable.

Schedule Adjustments/Change Fee

At the beginning of each semester, a period of time is established by the registrar for the purpose of giving the students an opportunity to adjust their schedules. Appropriate financial adjustments will be made. A schedule change fee (add/drop) is assessed whenever a student requests a change of schedule after the registration process. This includes switching sections, dropping and/or adding courses. It is assessed each time a change is requested. Nonrefundable.

Schedule Changes (Add/Drop per course) $ 15

Student Service Fee

A student service fee is charged to all undergraduate students. Payment of this fee provides admission to all athletic events (except special tournaments and events), student conferences, fine arts events, student government activities, student publications, yearbook, and access to all library resources.

1-11 credits, per credit $ 35
12 or more credits $340


All textbooks must be paid in full at the time of purchase or charged to your student account. Credit cards are accepted.

Estimated Textbook Expense $1,000

Transcript Fee

OFFICIAL Transcripts    $8