2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

Public Safety

All students are to promptly and accurately report any criminal activity or emergencies to Public Safety (717)-560-8247. Public Safety must be immediately notified if Police, EMS, or Fire Department are called to campus for any reason.

All students have access to academic, recreational, and administrative facilities on campus during those facilities’ hours of normal operation. Access to resident halls is limited to resident students and their guests.

Public Safety staff does not have arrest powers but alerts the local police and college personnel of any activity that may require their attention. Cooperation with Public Safety is expected at all times. Security awareness and crime prevention are encouraged in orientation programs, resident hall meetings, and announcements (posted or sent by email).

In compliance with the Celery Act, a comprehensive crime and security report is available online at www.lbc.edu and in writing at any of the Campus Safety Offices .