2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook


The contents of The LBC Journey set out some of the policies and procedures currently in effect at LBC. The college reserves the right to change provisions of The LBC Journey without notice, when it deems the change to be in the best interest of the college and its students.

When a situation occurs that is not specifically addressed, it will be resolved in accordance with established practice. When there is no established practice, administrative judgment will guide the decision.

While The LBC Journey has been carefully reviewed for correctness and completeness, the College reserves the right to make modifications, amendments, or changes as necessary. All students without regard to date of admission, application, or enrollment are subject to the most recent published edition of campus policies. A copy of the most recent edition is posted on the LBC website. Every student is held responsible for the knowledge of the regulations and information contained within this publication. If you have questions that concern the interpretation and application of these regulations and procedures, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs.