2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook

Class Attendance

Each faculty member will develop his/her own class attendance policy within the college’s minimum class attendance requirements. Those requirements are:

  • A student must attend 80 percent of the classes in a course in order to pass that course.
  • Absences beyond 20 percent result in a failing grade for the course. The 20 percent includes any and all types of absences. This includes late registration for a course, drop/add, or late admission.
  • In actual numbers, the 20 percent equivalent is:
  • 3 absences for courses meeting once a week
  • 6 absences for courses meeting twice a week
  • 9 absences for courses meeting three times a week
  • If a student fails a class due to not meeting the minimum requirements for attendance, an appeal may be submitted through the Registrar’s Office to the Student Appeals Committee.