2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Contextualized Pastoral Ministry (MAM)

(Pastors Discipleship Network, Uganda)

The Master of Arts in Contextualized Pastoral Ministry seeks to prepare African church pastors and leaders to utilize their unique gifts both personally and professionally for holistic ministry in a variety of African contexts through academic rigor (head), spiritual formation (heart), and professional ministry experience (hands).


This program prepares African church pastors and leaders to serve their church and society, by developing a biblical understanding and worldview, ministry and leadership skills, and applying this to the African context. Students will be equipped to lead their churches and train other African leaders to do the same through a western educational opportunity which focuses, not on rote memory, but the critical thinking aspects of understanding, analyzing, evaluating, applying, and creating.

Program Competencies

The Master of Arts in Contextualized Pastoral Ministry program equips students for ministry in the church and society by:

Biblical Understanding and Worldview

The student will formulate a biblical understanding and worldview through the study of Scripture interpretation, the biblical narrative, theology, and church history.

Spiritual Health and Ministry Integrity

The student will form the moral, ethical, and spiritual foundations necessary for personal spiritual growth and sustainable ministry.

Biblical Communication Skills

The student will design and deliver clear and effective biblical preaching and teaching grounded in sound hermeneutics ensuring a biblically accurate message.

Ministry Leadership Skills

The student will demonstrate the professional skills necessary for appropriately managing their own life and leading others, not through abusing their authority, but through biblical servant leadership.

Ministry Mentoring and Professional Experience

The student will build effective personal and professional relationships based on mutual support and accountability for the purpose of intentional ministry development.

African Contextual Application

The student will understand and respond to major issues facing the African church through careful study, cultural assessment, biblical evaluation, and contextual application.

Curricular Structure

The Master of Arts in Contextualized Pastoral Ministry is contextualized specifically for Africa. Furthermore, it is targeted precisely for pastors and church leaders. It is a ministry degree intended and designed to be used in the practical life and ministry of an African pastor and church leader.

Bible and Theology 15 Credits
Ministry Application 15 Credits
Africa Context 10 Credits
Program Total 40 Credits

Biblical and Theological Studies (15 Credits)

PDN 501The Biblical Narrative


PDN 502Biblical Hermeneutics


PDN 503Introduction to Christian Theology I


PDN 504Introduction to Christian Theology II


PDN 505Church History and the African Context


Ministry Application (15 Credits)

PDN 512Spiritual Formation and Discipleship


PDN 513Community and Family Systems


PDN 514Holistic Child Development


PDN 515Leader's Life and Work


PDN 511Communicating Biblical Truth


Africa Context (10 Credits)

PDN 521Issues in African Pastoral Ministry I


PDN 522Issues in African Pastoral Ministry II


PDN 523Field Based Ministry I


PDN 524Field Based Ministry II


Location Offered

Kampala, Uganda