2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Life

Students come to Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School from a variety of backgrounds and denominational persuasions. Each year, approximately 20 states and 15 foreign countries are represented, as well as 30 different denominational groups and many students from independent churches.

The primary distinctives of student life at Lancaster Bible College are the fellowship, lifestyle, and motivation for learning that result from making God's Word central in all things. Emphasis is placed upon the private reading of the Bible, chapel, residence hall prayer meetings, sharing of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, discipleship programs, and Christian service through local churches and parachurch organizations.

Students who enroll at LBC are expected to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics (including marijuana and hallucinogens). Modesty and conservatism in appearance and dress are expected at all times. Further information on campus life, student services, and standards is available in the student handbook. The handbook and other information can also be found in the Student Portal and through the Office of Student Affairs.

Students benefit from extensive involvement in the campus life of a small college. There are opportunities for participation in: intercollegiate and intramural athletics, student union, class and club activities, International Student Fellowship, Student Missionary Fellowship, and a variety of other social and educational activities. These varied opportunities combine to offer students a unique, meaningful, and memory-filled college experience.

Performance and Worship Activities

Lancaster Bible College provides students with many opportunities to use their artistic gifts for the Lord.


Chamber Singers. This a cappella ensemble is made up of 14-16 vocalists who are also members of the LBC Chorale. Audition is required.

Chapel Guild. This 40-60 member gospel choir includes vocalists and rhythm section committed to leading corporate worship on and off campus. All worship teams are formed from Chapel Guild members. Audition required.

Chorale. The Chorale is a 50 voice university-level choir with performances on and off campus. Audition is required.


Instrumental Chamber Ensembles. Instrumental chamber ensembles are comprised of student instrumentalists desiring to grow in ensemble playing within a small group setting. Ensembles are flexible, change each semester, and are coached by faculty members. Past ensembles include a woodwind trio, guitar ensemble, string trio, and many others.

Jazz Lab. The jazz lab is comprised of students and community members collaborating to prepare for performances on and off campus. Repertoire includes swing, big band, and other jazz standards. Audition is required

Wind Ensemble. This ensemble combines wind and percussion players to prepare and perform standard wind band literature. Audition is required.