Christian Service

Christian Service provides an important part of the overall education program of the college. Its function is to assist students in experiencing various forms of practical ministry, proclaiming Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.

Students are required to complete two 30 hour semesters of gospel centered service during their sophomore year. This requirement may change for students transferring to the college based on the number of credits transferred and prior learning experience. Christian Service is in place to reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom and further develop students as they gain experience and leadership skills.

Students should be ready to articulate the ways in which their Christian Service placement is educating them to proclaim Christ in the Church and society. Although many possibilities exist for the completion of Christian Service, some areas for service include the local church, after school programs, a rescue mission, non-profit relief work, social advocacy groups, or leadership positions on campus.

Understanding and practicing servant leadership, discovering individual strengths and weaknesses, developing skills for articulating the gospel, demonstrating faithfulness, cooperation, and teamwork, and demonstrating communication and accountability are some of the outcomes of Christian Service.